Louis-Ferdinand Céline

Regisseur/in: Emmanuel Bourdieu
Datum: 2016
Sprache: Französisch
Abstract: 1948 - Louis-Ferdinand Céline in Denmark, in exile, accused of collaboration with the Nazis during the occupation of the France. He is accompanied by Lucette, his wife and his cat Bebert. Based on the real-life meeting in between the French author Louis-Ferdinand Céline and Milton Hindus, a young American literature professor, where the Frenchman was in self-imposed exile. Hindus, who was Jewish, would later write of his shock and disappointment at the meeting and seeing a novelist he admired "drooling out of both sides of his mouth". He had been invited to stay with Céline for two months, but left after three weeks. Céline was later convicted of collaboration in his absence by a Paris court and sentenced to a year in jail.
Exemplar verfügbar: Ja
Genre: Drama
Laufzeit: 97 Min.