Regisseur/in: Bárbara Pestan Florás
Datum: 2016
Sprache: Spanisch; Kastilisch
Abstract: In Aituy, a little town on Chiloe island, every year they hold 'the procession of the Nazarene', a nine day celebration of Holy week in which all the locals fervently participate. Joselito and his father have decided not to participate in it this year. Joselito`s mother has recently died, leaving the family feeling isolated and without a reason to believe in Christ. Father and son have to face their loss and learn to take care of themselves and get along with each other, despite their being unable to live under the same roof. The mother`s absence becomes more and more present. The father becomes more and more helpless. winter storm season begins, the day of the procession is arriving and the tragic end is unavoidable
Exemplar verfügbar: Ja
Genre: Drama
Laufzeit: 64 Min.